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Imagery from Adam Wignall at Digital Diversity.

January 22nd, 2010

Site stats for Silverlight Buzz 2009

No Comments, Silverlight News, by Gavin Wignall.

Last year was my first for blogging and after steady progress throughout the year I am happy to report the following site stats from Google Analytics:

A total of 52,882 unique visitors visiting a total of 71,978 times and viewing 132,850 pages.

Here’s to 2010 and lots more content to come, happy New Year!

I have had great fun developing a new Silverlight game (here at Metia) for the Microsoft UK Partner Network Team which has now officially gone live! Please visit the game here to have a go and see if you can beat my personal top score of 443! Be sure to let me know what your top scores are under the comments section :)

The game is built using Silverlight 3 and features the following:

  • Silverlight plug-in detection
  • Custom pre-loader animation
  • Options for mouse or keyboard controls in game
  • Saves your top score using Isolated Storage
  • Different AI and traits for each of the 4 bad guys
  • Bonus points for collecting prizes faster
  • Lots of cool effects like trailing footsteps and 3D score indicators