Gavin Wignall

I have worked in the design field since 1996, starting in Graphic Design and moving into the Interactive field in 2001. I first started producing interactive content using Flash 4 and quickly got to grips with learning Actionscript. In 2006/07 I was the Senior Interactive Designer for Metia London when we made a decision to take on the new technology Microsoft Silverlight. Following the successful release of Silverlight 1, 2, 3 and 4 over the following years I continue my career at Metia as the Interactive Design Lead, constantly trying to push the boundaries of Silverlight. I have now started developing apps for the Windows Phone platform, my first approved app is a game called Bitbreaker which you can read more about here.

In 2009 I became a father to a beautiful girl called Scarlett with my other half Sam.

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  1. All jewelry Gavin!

    My name is Robson Fernandes, I live in Brazil.
    I found your blog through Google searches, and would like to congratulate you!
    His articles are excellent and very helpful, I will follow your blog as a reference articles in Silverlight.

    Thank you!

    Robson Fernandes

  2. Hi! Your site is pure awesome. Wish i had found it in my first month with silverlight.

    One topic in silverlight has come like a mistery to me: What code or how to make a email contact form in silverlight using a webservice or WCF?. No one has cover that are fully yet.

    Hope you write an article of that soon.

    You are a very lucky man! Have a great day!

  3. Congrats on your baby girl. I am just back to work after having a little boy born on 9.8.9. It’s a bit of the shock to the system.

    I am looking for a UX Silverlight Designer to be the Senior Lead for an award winning Doftware company based in the UK with offices in Manhattan and Singapore. It may be possible to be based in one of these offices also. the company has grown 40% each year and plans to carry on with this growth. The CIO is an ex-Microsoft guru and all the guys I have recruited for his teams have remained with the company over the past 7 years. They are all currently on his boat today having fun! If this sound like a role that may be of interest please contact me immediately and I will give you more details on the role and company. If this is not of interest but you know anyone who may be interested please ask them to contact me.

  4. Not a bad web site at all. I found this after a few searches on Google and it has helped me to perceive things much better – thank you.

  5. I think you are pure genious! Keep up the great work, I don’t know what I’d do without silverlight…

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