December 12th, 2011

Festive game using Silverlight and Farseer Physics Engine

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As the Winter months came upon us I once again, at Metia, had the opportunity to create a Festive game for the UK Microsoft Partner team. Through the success of last years game we were given more time and budget to make sure this years game stepped up a level. Go play the game!

This was the perfect chance for me to use the Farseer Physics Engine. Farseer Physics Engine is a collision detection system with realistic physics responses, it is free to use and runs on the Silverlight platform.

Being a festive game, I went for a Santa theme. The general gist is to move the sleigh, collect the presents and then drop them into the passing houses. Your score is then based on the presents collected, the presents you delivered and the the time you complete the course in.

The game boasts 18 levels, with achievements and special unlock levels. There is a global scoreboard that keeps track of your total score and ranks you accordingly.

Microsoft Partners were given the chance to customise the game. A customised version allows the Partner to add in their company name and logo to the home screen along with their logo featuring at the start and end of each level.

Welcome screen

Level selection & stats

Flying over houses

Crashing into houses

Navigate over jumps, around loops and over gapsĀ 

Deliver presents without crashing

Global scoreboard will give you your rank

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