May 24th, 2010

A new way to create Photosynths using Microsoft ICE

All Silverlight Examples, Photosynth, Silverlight Effects, by Gavin Wignall.

This Photosynth was created from 42 photographs taken with a Cannon EOS 1000D. The images were then run through an application called Microsoft Image Composite Editor (MS ICE). ICE automatically stitches the images together to create a panoramic view. I then used the built in Photosynth export tool to publish my panoramic view to the Photosynth player.

Step by step

First of all make sure you have the required software, you will need to install the following:

Install Microsoft Photosynth
Install Microsoft Image Composite Editor

Next you need to take you photographs, you don’t need a fancy camera to do this part. I find the best results come from standing in a single position and taking a series of shots by turning around and looking up and down, this means you will keep a single line of perspective. Make sure all of your photos overlap a little so that they can be stitched together.

Once you have your collection of images, download them onto your computer. Now open up Microsoft ICE, once open, the top half of the application should have a large grey area asking you to add your images.

Now open up your folder of images. I had a total of 42 image to get the full 360 degree panoramic view, it involved taking pictures looking up and down as well as all around me.

Now simply select all your images and drag them into to large grey area of the Microsoft ICE application. The process may take a view minutes to complete before you can see the stitched result. Once complete you will see a single image composite created from your individual photographs.

At this point you may want to go back out and shoot more photos, sometimes you can add too many which will confuse the editor. Once you are happy with the result, Microsoft ICE will allow you export your composite in a number of formats, to output your creation to the Photosynth player simply click the large button on the right of the editor titled ‘Publish to Photosynth…’. This will now upload your composite image to the Photosynth servers, you will be asked to enter a few details like the title of your creation and some tags to help be found by other users.

Finally you can embed or share your Photosynth by clicking the relevant buttons below the player.

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