February 24th, 2010

Creating a 360 photograph of an object with Silverlight Photosynth

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After playing with my first Photosynth: Create a 360 panorama using Microsoft Silverlight Photosynth, I wanted to try out how the tool would work focusing on a single object. This meant taking photographs around an object instead of taking pictures around myself.

As you can see in the above Silverlight example, compared to my previous Photosynth the feel of being in a 3d space is lost. However, the ability to zoom in and see the detail of each image is still pretty cool thanks to the Deep Zoom technology. And the ability to look around an object is still pretty smart. The tool feels like it is built to navigate around an environment instead of an object so the navigation controls don’t work as well, but you can still play the sequence in the order that you took the photos so all is not lost.

Below is another test I carried out, this time I moved the object around for each photograph instead of the camera. This didn’t work too well, as the Photosynth tool referenced the carpet as the common element instead of the object.

Next I want to test out a journey of photographs, maybe walking down a street in London would be cool.

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Responses to “Creating a 360 photograph of an object with Silverlight Photosynth”

  1. Hi — I work on Photosynth. You’re right that the “synther” is paying much more attention to your richly textured carpet than to the object on it. That isn’t too much of a problem except that Photosynth’s transitions are always through planes, and the “dominant” plane in these synths is the floor. If you put the object on a stand so that you could shoot it from side on (like this: http://photosynth.net/view.aspx?cid=89f92b7c-1192-4326-9380-986623af47b3 I think you’d have a much better effect.) Good luck!

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