February 23rd, 2010

Create a 360 panorama using Microsoft Silverlight Photosynth

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Navigate the above example by one of the following:

  • Move the mouse around until a white outline appears and click
  • Use the mouse wheel or the zoom buttons to zoom in and out
  • Click and drag to pan around the images
  • Use the¬†short-cut¬†images on the right to jump to featured positions
  • Use the directional tool at the bottom centre of the screen

Here is my first attempt at using Microsoft Photosynth. I have seen a few examples of Photosynth before but never got round to trying it out for myself.

Photosynth is a tool that uses Microsoft Silverlight to piece together photographs to map them in 3d space. The tool is really easy to use, once you have your photographs you upload them and the tool does the rest for you. Once your images are mapped out by the tool, you are given a Silverlight interface to add some further information if you choose. You can add tags to individual images, add a geolocation and a description.

This example involved me standing in one position and taking a series of photos by turning around to form a 360 mapping. The Photosynth tool managed to map 86% of the 31 photos I uploaded which works quite well. The tool picks up on key pixel configurations and matches them across the series of images to form the full 3d map.

As you can see my first example does not fully match up all the way around so in hindsight maybe I should have taken a few more extra pictures so the tool could complete the full 360 journey.

My next task will be to take a series of images around an object instead of from a single point.

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  1. Hey, nice work. well done

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