February 4th, 2010

Mixing it up! Using the InkPresenter with 3D Projection

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Two great tools in Silverlight are the Projection properties and the InkPresenter, so what happens if you put the two together? Well, maybe something like below. Use the mouse to draw within the Silverlight area.

In this example I have used the InkPresenter to capture the mouse and produce vector paths. I also have a basic interface to change the colour and path size. I then use that captured data to duplicate the vector path upon 16 faces each rotating around a common point using the Projection properties.

The Projection properties in this example have been created inside Expression Blend using a storyboard activated by behaviors.

The InkPresenter control is this example has been created inside Expression Blend, but we need to do a bit of work in the code behind file to record the data and convert it into a visual path. You can read more about this process in this MSDN article.

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  1. Very impressive. And with code. Nice!

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