February 2nd, 2010

Create a simple 3D sphere animation in Silverlight

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Today I want to show how easy it is to produce a basic 3D object in Silverlight, in the below example I have used 5 circles to produce a sphere animation. I treat each circle with a looping Projection Transform.

Each circle is treated with the exact same treatment but offset so that they form a sphere, to break out each circle press the ‘Break Apart‘ button. To fit the circles together again, press the ‘Place Together‘ button.

You can enhance the 3D effect further by pressing the ‘Spin‘ button, this simply plays a storyboard to spin each circle on an additional axis.

To create this effect I have used the Projection Transform Rotation properties and used Easing on the animations inside Expression Blend 3 to help the inertia look right.

Grab the Source

As usual you can download the source files for this example here.

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