January 26th, 2010

Playing with Projection in Silverlight

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Using only storyboards and behaviours I have created a cool 3d particle effect.

Break down of effects.

Each element (circle) has it’s own storyboard that uses the projection properties to spin it around in a 360 degree fashion on it’s X axis. By increasing the centre point value of the Z axis we get a larger radius.

On top of that each element is offset by 30 degrees on it’s Y axis, this allows all the elements to form an imaginary sphere. I have also set the storyboard durations to different lengths to allow a chaotic feel to the animation.

Finally I have performed a rotate animation on all of the elements. The was no code needed to create this example, everything was done inside Expression Blend 3.

To take the animation one step further, I have replaced the coloured circles with radial gradients and changed the scale of several elements. This adds an additional dimension to the animation.

Grab the source

As usual you can grab the source here:

Projection example 1

Projection example 2

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Responses to “Playing with Projection in Silverlight”

  1. Dude,

    Your downloads links don’t work! :(


  2. Very interesting! Thanks for giving us the source to tinker with. :)

  3. All fixed, the source links should now work.

  4. Cool stuff! Thank you for giving this exmaple. I think about a fancy loading animation in a Silverlight application with this.

  5. for loading animation this might very big size…

  6. As usual, your examples rock.

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