October 22nd, 2009

Changing the Mouse Icon graphic in Blend

Silverlight Blend Tutorials, Working with Silverlight, by Gavin Wignall.

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Silverlight has 9 mouse icons built in and ready for use. They are:

  • Arrow - Standard mouse pointer
  • Eraser - Eraser tool similar to most paint applications
  • Hand - Hand icon used most for buttonĀ roll-overs
  • IBeam - Used to indicate Text entry is required
  • None - Hides the mouse pointer
  • SizeNS - Used to show something can be dragged up/down
  • SizeWE - Used to show something can be dragged left/right
  • Stylus - Used to show a ‘dot’ icon for use with Stylus pens
  • Wait - Shows the Windows loading/thinking animation

See the 9 icons in action below…

The’ how to’ bit

To change the mouse Icon when the user rolls over a button, first make sure you have the button in question selected. Then go to the ‘Properties‘ tab and scroll down to the ‘Common Properties‘ section. Change the drop down next to ‘Cursor‘ to choose which mouse icon will be used. Once the user rolls off the button the mouse icon will revert back to the arrow icon.

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