August 3rd, 2009

Obama to JFK Deep Zoom

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Click or use the mouse wheel to zoom into the picture frames to take a journey through the last 10 Presidents of the United States.

This example was put together with Deep Zoom Composer.

I hit a problem with hitting over 4 billion pixels in Deep Zoom Composer, to avoid this I found I could only go 6 pictures in depth.

To get the full 10 pictures working I used the following work around. First off the application won’t let you export a project when you hit over 4 billion pixels, but it will let you run a preview. By running a preview the program will create a .xap file and a Generate Images folder. The preview will open up, but the files it creates don’t seem to work once accessing them after the preview is closed. By changing the .xap to a .zip you can access the contents inside, of which one file is the .xaml file. I copied this across into the exported project (the one containing 6 images deep) and then changed the file extension back to .xap. Then I copied across the Generated Images folder and hey presto I got 10 working. I couldn’t get any more than 10 working, I would have loved to of gone through all 44 Presidents.

You can download Deep Zoom Composer from here or from

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Responses to “Obama to JFK Deep Zoom”

  1. is there anyway to stop it from zooming out when you are on Obama’s picture? Nice example by the way.

  2. Thanks Damon, it certainly is possibly to limit the zoom levels with a little tweaking in the code. In fact in the latest version of Deep Zoom Composer the newest default skin does this as a default feature.

  3. Gavin, you do this programatically, if you export the 44 presidents as a collection rather then a composition you can programatically add the subimages, you reset the canvas at logic points to fake an infinite deepzoom, you could even put Obama in the last shot to make it truely infinite.

  4. Love the infinity idea John!

  5. Very cool – for a nice effect zoom all the way in to JFK and then click the [Home] icon… the animated zoom-out is awesome :)

    Strangely enough, the picture-in-picture made me think of the Stephen Colbert “portrait”…

  6. quite like the full screen facility on that, but not sure why I can’t zoom in by scrolling when it is on full screen mode..I am presuming you just didn’t add it in this example and it is not an issue?

    also, haven’t tried this myself but do you think it is possible to have buttons that take you to different levels in the zoom straight away?

  7. Damon – Silverlight restricts user input while in fullscreen mode so that malicious developers cannot spoof other sites or the operating system itself.

    The only available inputs while in fullscreen are the arrow keys, spacebar, tab, pg up/down, home, end and enter.

    I have a feeling that this has something to do with the scroll wheel losing its functionality while in fullscreen. I’m not pro enough to know for sure.

    Gavin – Excellent demonstration. Thank you!

  8. Gavin: Great idea and implementation.

  9. How patriotic, the only presidents who are wearing the flag lapel pin are the last two Obama and Bush.
    Good work.

  10. Hi,

    Nice, is there a seadragon version of this composition ? So almost any browsers could see the presentation ?

  11. Not yet, I’m currently working hard on this months Expression Blend marathon tutorial series

  12. Great work-around, thanks a lot!

  13. Nice article and gr8 stuff at ur site thanks for this .. good luck

  14. Think this is brilliant. well done.

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